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Time Warner Cable Sued Over Modem Lease Fee

Several weeks ago we reported that Time Warner Cable had decided to start charging its customers a fee to lease the very same modems they received for free when they initiated their cable service.  Yesterday, Time Warner Cable was sued in two class-action lawsuits in New York and New Jersey alleging that the decision to… Continue Reading

MDPCE Files Suit Against Hyundai And Kia

On November 9, 2012, Meiselman, Packman, Carton & Eberz P.C. filed a class action in Federal District Court for the Central District of California against Hyundai Motor America, Inc. (“Hyundai”) and Kia Motors America, Inc. (“Kia”) (collectively, “Defendants”) on behalf of all consumers that purchased or leased certain 2011-2013 model year Hyundai or Kia vehicles… Continue Reading

Is Your Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement Adequate

A newly popular diet supplement uses extracts from green coffee beans to stimulate weight loss.  While no one is certain how it works, green coffee bean extract, which contains the antioxidant chlorogenic acid (CGA), has been demonstrated to help consumers lose weight, even without changes in diet and exercise.  For many Americans, this is great… Continue Reading

Hyundai And Kia Overstated Gas Mileage

It was recently reported that Hyundai and Kia overstated the gas mileage on most of their models from the past three years.  The gas mileage was overstated for Hyundai’s Elantra, Sonata Hybrid, Accent, Azera, Genesis, Tucson, Veloster and Santa Fe models, as well as the Kia’s Sorrento, Rio, Soul, Sportage and Optima Hybrid for the… Continue Reading

Uber May Be Keeping Part Of Your Tip

As anyone who has tried to get a cab when it is raining knows, hailing a taxi can be very difficult.  One company that is trying to capitalize on that difficulty is Uber, which offers an on-line service that hails the cab for you, even using a smart phone.  Uber also apparently tries to be… Continue Reading

Nestle Ice Mountain Water

Nestlé touts its Ice Mountain water as spring-sourced going so far as to describe the water as coming from ancient glaciers and that trickled through mineral-rich glacial gravel deposits.  However, allegedly the bottles are just filled with tap water.  If you or someone you know purchased Nestle Ice Mountain Water, please contact us to discuss… Continue Reading

Walgreens Issuing Refunds For Cold And Flu Supplements

The United States Federal Trade Commission, which works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices, is publicizing a settlement reached with Walgreens that will refund customers who purchased a product called “Wal-Born”.

Can Energy Drinks Kill?

The FDA is investigating five deaths linked to the popular energy drinks manufactured by Monster.  The investigation is in response to a lawsuit filed by the parents of a 14 year old girl who died of a heart attack after drinking 2 cans of Monster energy drinks, and four other deaths linked to Monster drinks.

Avon Anti-Aging “Anew” Creams

The Food and Drug Administration recently warned Avon that it must stop advertising its Anew skin care products using language that makes them sound like they have medical effects.  In a letter to Avon dated October 5, 2012, the FDA objected to anti-aging claims made about Avon’s Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector, Anew Reversalist Night… Continue Reading

Over-The-Counter Pain Pills’ Early Expiration Dates

Are Pfizer, Bayer, and Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Advil, Aspirin, and Tylenol respectively, misleadingly inducing consumers to throw away medicines by an expiration date, despite the fact that the manufacturers know the products are good long after the dates printed on the products’ packaging?  A lawsuit filed in St. Louis, Missouri, alleges that… Continue Reading

Weight Loss And Immune System Supplements Often Make False Claims

According to a new study on weight loss and immune system supplement, the Department of Health and Human Services reports that approximately 20% of 127 different supplements it investigated made false and illegal claims to cure or treat diseases.  According to the findings, manufacturers often do not have actual scientific evidence to back their purported… Continue Reading

Time Warner Cable To Customers: “Eat it.”

As if there weren’t enough reasons to feel something especially negative toward Time Warner Cable, now this: Time Warner Cable recently mailed a notice to its customers that they will now be assessed a $3.95 monthly fee for renting the very same modem that is already sitting in their living room.   Time Warner Cable customers… Continue Reading

Isotonix And Kirkland May Be Shortchanging Your B Vitamin

B vitamins are crucial for the proper functioning of the human body.  B vitamins are essential in turning food into energy, and there is some proof that they reduce homocysteine levels, which are associated with heart disease.  Our bodies don’t make B vitamins, so they have to come from diet or supplements.  Unfortunately, according to… Continue Reading

Mayo Clinic: Glucosamine Does Not Rebuild Cartilage

As we’ve written about extensively, glucosamine supplements don’t always work as advertised.  While studies have shown that glucosamine doesn’t rebuild cartilage, a trip to the local drugstore reveals a host of manufacturers and retailers who continue to make this claim.

Discover Bank Will Rebate Misleading Fees

Discover Bank has agreed to pay $14 million in fines and to rebate an additional $200 million to more than 3.5 million consumers.  According to the FDIC and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, who brought the action, Discover’s call-center employees enrolled consumers in identity theft protection, payment protection and credit tracking programs without their consent and… Continue Reading

Maybelline Super Stay Might Not Last The Day

Maybelline may be making misleading statements about its “Super Stay” lip gloss and lipstick products by representing that the products last for 10 and 14 hours respectively.  Maybelline advertises its Super Stay 10hr Stain Gloss as the “first 10hr Stain Gloss” and its Super Stay 14hr Lipstick as lipstick with “super rich color that lasts… Continue Reading

Beware Of Retoxor

A “male enhancement” product named Retoxor has been widely advertised on the Internet and on radio. This is a product that claims that it will enhance the size of a man’s genitalia, and some advertisements go so far as to state that the product will be shipped with a “free measuring tool.”  One radio advertisement… Continue Reading

Wal-Mart’s Glucosamine Supplements Are Expensive And Misleading

As we’ve written about extensively, advertisements touting glucosamine-based supplements purported ability to “regrow” cartilage are deceptive and misleading.  As it turns out, the nation’s biggest retailer appears to have joined the list of companies who have turned a blind eye to the fact that expensive glucosamine-based supplements don’t work as advertised. Wal-Mart’s own glucosamine chondroitin… Continue Reading

Court Enters $478 Million Judgment For Infomercial Scam

In a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. District Court in California has ordered the marketers of “John Beck’s Free & Clear Real Estate System,” “John Alexander’s Real Estate Riches in 14 Days System,” and Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions System,” to pay a record $478 million for deceiving close to… Continue Reading

Your HDTV May Be Smaller Than Advertised

One of the greatest inventions in the realm of consumer entertainment is the High Definition Television.  Once you have seen a football game or your favorite movie in high definition, it is hard to go back to regular TV.  One of the best parts of the new, high definition TVs is that they are flat… Continue Reading

Beware Of Work-From-Home Scams

Working from home on a part-time basis while making thousands of dollars a month seems like a dream come true.  However, in many instances, these employment opportunities are not legitimate and end up costing people more money than they make.  It’s difficult to determine which deals are legitimate and which are not, but John Rossheim,… Continue Reading