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Is There A Way Around The Supreme Court’s Generic Drug Ruling?

A Supreme Court ruling in June 2011 ended state-law claims against generic drug manufacturers  because the drug manufacturers are obligated by federal law to provide drug labeling that is identical to the drug’s brand-name counterpart.  However, there seems to be a way around this ruling, which is being used by some plaintiffs who have been harmed… Continue Reading

Generic Versus Brand-Name Drugs

Generic drugs account for almost 80 percent of all prescribed medications in the United States and most states allow generic drugs to be dispensed in place of brand-name drugs.  This is quite a large number of generic drugs being taken by quite a large number of the nation’s population.  The possibility of people who take… Continue Reading

Pay-For-Delay Agreements Are Hurting Consumers

A “Pay-for-Delay” agreement is one in which a brand name pharmaceutical company delays a generic competitor from releasing its generic product to the market, by agreeing to pay the generic brand to hold its competing product off the market for a certain period of time. Typically, a brand name drug company challenges the generic drug… Continue Reading