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Target Data Breach Might Result In Identity Theft

Identity theft is increasingly worrisome in the electronic age.  Unfortunately, not all companies take adequate precautions to keep their customers’ credit and debit card information secure.  Target recently confirmed that a data breach, which occurred between November 27th and December 15th of this year, has made approximately 40 million accounts across the United States vulnerable… Continue Reading

Be Careful Of Phishing Scams

As we have repeatedly noted, identity theft is a multi-billion dollar problem.  Identity theft often occurs because of negligence or unlawful behavior by companies.  But you should also be wary of criminals trying to get your personal information by “phishing” scams.  Criminals who “phish” will send you “too good to be true” offers from companies… Continue Reading

Data Breach At Nationwide

As we have repeatedly noted, identity theft is a multi-billion dollar problem.  Many companies have responded to this threat by upgrading their security procedures.  However, some companies and agencies continue to put people at risk.  Nationwide Insurance just admitted that it suffered a data breach that exposed the personal information of approximately 28,000 people. Nationwide… Continue Reading

Cancer Care Group Medical Data Breach

As we have repeatedly noted, identity theft is a multi-billion dollar problem.  Many companies have responded to this threat by upgrading their security procedures.  However, some companies continue to put their customers and patients at risk.  Today, the Cancer Care Group in Indianapolis announced that it has exposed the medical and personal information of 55,000… Continue Reading

California Privacy Enforcement Initiative

In the modern world, identity theft is a dangerous and growing problem.  Many of us regularly provide online retailers with our private information, such as our address and credit card information.  We provide this information because companies ask for it and it is very difficult to do business online without disclosing private information.  However, when… Continue Reading

Best Buy Data Breach

Best Buy recently admitted that hackers have obtained information from the “secure” accounts of people who shop at BestBuy.com.  Hackers have apparently used this information to make fraudulent purchases using the identity and credit card information of Best Buy customers. Companies that obtain their customers’ confidential information have a legal obligation to maintain the security… Continue Reading

Are You A Victim Of ID Theft Protection Solicitation?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in a recent report, has found that the nation’s credit bureaus are selling identity theft protection, when a victim calls in for assistance with an identity theft issue.  According to the report, although most consumers were fairly happy with the assistance they received from the credit bureaus, there were plenty… Continue Reading

Credit Report Hacking And Identity Theft

A person’s identity can be compromised and information stolen via the internet without an individual realizing that it has occurred, until a credit card bill shows purchases that were not made by the credit card holder, or a bank account shows withdrawals that were not made by the owners of the account. Oftentimes these breaches… Continue Reading

Massive MasterCard And Visa Data Breach

On Friday March 20, Global Payments Inc., a credit-card processor for Visa and MasterCard, reported that hackers stole account numbers and other key information from between 50,000 and 10,000,000 credit accounts in North America.  As ABC News reported, there is significant confusion about this data breach, and the companies involved are providing “more questions than… Continue Reading

Dangers Of Identity Theft: Watch Your Tax Refunds

Identity theft is a very serious problem.  Identity thieves can use the private information they have obtained regarding innocent people to steal from them, ruin their credit, and even, in some cases, commit crimes that may put innocent people at risk of criminal prosecution.  As identity theft increases, criminals are growing more savvy with how… Continue Reading

MDPCE Files Suit Against Zappos For Data Security Breach

On January 24, on behalf of over 24 million customers of the shoe and clothing store Zappos, Meiselman, Packman, Carton & Eberz P.C. filed suit in federal court against Amazon, the corporate parent of Zappos. Zappos recently put its customers at risk by negligently allowing a major security breach. As a result, cyber-criminals have obtained… Continue Reading