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Kentucky Health And Family Services Data Breach

As we have repeatedly noted, identity theft is a multi-billion dollar problem.  Many companies have responded to this threat by upgrading their security procedures.  However, some companies and agencies continue to put their customers and patients at risk.  This week, the Kentucky-based Cabinet for Health and Family services announced that it may have disclosed the… Continue Reading

Environmental Protection Agency Data Breach

We have often warned about the ways in which companies and government agencies subject people to risk of identity theft when they allow data breaches to occur. Unfortunately, this week the Environmental Protection Agency admitted that, due to a data breach, the EPA exposed the personal information nearly 8,000 people. Although the breach occurred in… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Private Medical Information

Your medical information is very private, and when you disclose your personal information to medical professionals, you trust that they will keep it confidential. Unfortunately, far too many big insurance companies, hospitals, and corporations are failing to protect the confidentiality of patient records. The Department of Health & Human Services (“HHS”) recently reported that the… Continue Reading