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Are You Being Held Hostage By www.classmates.com?

I have written previously about companies, particularly on-line companies, that automatically renew persons’ subscriptions.  It appears that the website www.classmates.com has a tremendous amount of consumer dissatisfaction with the way that it automatically renews memberships. For those who do not know, www.classmates.com, which is now known as Memory Lane, allows members to reunite with people… Continue Reading

Justanswer.com: Questionable Answers And Unauthorized Charges

Justanswer.com, the online answer website that connects consumers with purportedly verified experts, is the subject of numerous complaints from dissatisfied visitors. According to the website, visitors ask a question, authorize a deposit, receive an answer, and accept the answer to pay the expert. Refunds are promised if the visitor is unhappy with the answer. Could… Continue Reading

Beware Of Unauthorized Phone Charges By Member’s Edge

One of the classic means by which unscrupulous business deceive consumers is by imposing unauthorized charges on phone bills. These types of scams have been going on for decades, and as a result, many states have specific statutes requiring explicit authorization and notice before a charge can be added to a consumer’s telephone bill by… Continue Reading

Memorylane.com & Classmates.com: Unauthorized Charges

Meiselman, Packman, Carton & Eberz P.C. is currently investigating a potential class action against the websites Classmates.com and Memory Lane for charging unauthorized fees to customers.  Many consumers claim to have been victimized by this scam. Getting in touch with old friends is fun and the Internet has made reconnecting easier than ever.  Unfortunately, some… Continue Reading

Does Intelius Impose Unauthorized Charges On Its Customers’ Credit Cards?

The Internet continues to grow as an important commercial channel for American consumers. More than half of American adults have either made an online purchase or travel reservation, and e-commerce revenue in the United States accounted for more than $165 billion in 2010. The rapid growth of e-commerce has been immensely valuable to consumers, offering easy access… Continue Reading