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Mayo Clinic: Glucosamine Does Not Rebuild Cartilage

As we’ve written about extensively, glucosamine supplements don’t always work as advertised.  While studies have shown that glucosamine doesn’t rebuild cartilage, a trip to the local drugstore reveals a host of manufacturers and retailers who continue to make this claim.

Have You Been Deceived Into Changing Your Oil Too Often?

One of the first things every new driver learns is the importance of regular oil changes.  In fact, failing to change your oil at appropriate intervals is likely to cause expensive damage, and as a result, many consumers are very concerned with changing their oil frequently enough.  While many consumers change their own oil, many… Continue Reading

Dukes v. Wal-Mart: A Challenge To Proving Commonality In Large Classes Of Plaintiffs

On June 20, 2011, the U. S. Supreme Court  overturned the certification of one of the most expansive class actions ever filed in the U.S. The Supreme Court ruled that in this case, plaintiffs had failed to come forward with sufficient evidence that the 1.5 million former and present female Wal-Mart employees in the class shared common legal claims… Continue Reading

Beware Of Hidden Or Undisclosed Prepaid Debit Card Fees

According to a recent New York Times article, consumers are purchasing more prepaid debit cards than ever before.  Buying a prepaid debit card is as easy as purchasing groceries or other items at your local pharmacy or supermarket.  For many consumers who do not have bank accounts or can not get a credit card, prepaid… Continue Reading